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Sunless Tanning Application

Alicia's Makeup Artistry Lincoln Nebraska Spray Tan

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Why Tan Sunless?

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the health of your skin to get that rich bronze tan and you shouldn’t have to apply harsh or harmful chemicals either. Each application is fast and easy and lasts a week. The moisture-rich formula dramatically softens skin, making this the only kind of tan that’s actually good for your skin. 

Important note: a sunless spray tan does not provide UV protection. You can still burn with natural exposure to the sun. 

Pre-Tan Tips

  • Schedule your spray 1-2 days before your event.

  • Shower and exfoliate before application.

  • Do not apply any moisturizers, perfumes, or other creams or product to your skin after showering.

  • If you need to shave or plan on getting a facial/mani/pedi or waxing, do these before your spray appointment. 

  • Wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment.  

Buy 4 sprays

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available for bridal clients.
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Punch card for airbrush tanning, buy four get one free.
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